Fuck You White Paper w/ Danielle Hoogendoorn | Claire

datum: zaterdag 4 november 2017

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Fuck You White Paper w Danielle Hoogendoorn | Claire

After a sick edition in September we’re coming back to you on the 4th of November. This time with more art, more colours, more music, and - of course - less white paper. Paper isn’t meant to be white. During our nights we celebrate the artists who have dedicated their lives to besmirch these fuckers.

For this edition we’ve invited Danielle Hoogendoorn to bring out her work. Her energetic and playful work is the result of her impulsive and associative way of thinking. It isn’t difficult to see that inside her head there’s still some left of the unfolded mind of a ten-year old, without the limits and restrictions of a boring adult. Danielle extends the borders set by traditional art by breaking boundaries and adding humour to her pieces. Go check out her previous work at hoogendoorndanielle.com.

Stichting Stem van de Nacht DJ’s & friends will play all night, just like last time. Same same, but different.

See you there.

Fuck you, white paper.

bron: https://www.facebook.com/events/122981421791060/

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